Tattoo History

Anyone Can Buy a Whole Shop from the Back of a Tattoo Magazine

This article first appeared in”Bakaty’s World” by Mike Bakaty in the July 2007 issue of Skin & Ink.

For a guy who has trouble putting words together in the course of a normal conversation, this writing stuff don’t come easy. I guess I’m not a natural born yacker, like some people I know. You tell ’em, “Hey,” and you get a half hour discourse about whatever.

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Tattooing Through the Back Door

This article first appeared in”Bakaty’s World” by Mike Bakaty in the June 2007 issue of Skin & Ink.

I’m down here at First and First in Manhattan’s East Village and here I sit, trying to figure out the difference between an Ionic column, a Doric column and a magazine column, and realize that it all ties to history and to change.

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Bakaty’s World: Tattooing Enters the Mainstream

┬áThis article first appeared in”Bakaty’s World” by Mike Bakaty in the August 2007 issue of Skin & Ink.

When the phone rang a few months back, I picked it up and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was Bob Baxter asking if I would be interested in writing a column for Skin & Ink. He wanted me to do an East Coast slant. I must say I was kind of stunned. I don’t consider myself a “word” man, per se. I found it curious that anyone else might.

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@americanatattoos Instagram Takeover

Snapshots from the Fineline Tattoo Instagram takeover of @americanatattoos by Mehai Bakaty. You can view with entire takeover by searching on the hashtag #mehaibakatytakeover.

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Where Cool Came From: Dark Days in NYC

Last summer, sometime around July If I remember correctly, this film crew out of Canada comes into the shop saying they were filming a series of interviews on the origins of COOL. So I says, well, if you’re looking for “where cool came from” that guy right there (pointing at my dad) is the right place to start.

Here is the last video interview with my father, Mike Bakaty.

I miss you every day POP.

–Mehai Bakaty

Where Cool Came From: Dark Days in NYC

Mike Bakaty talks about what it was like to tattoo in the New York City when it was illegal.

Dark Days in NYC: Webisode

Dark Days in NYC: Article

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Billy Glenn


I was sad to hear the news of Billy Glenn’s passing at the tender age of 89ish. Billy came to our shop as a visitor, became a customer and ended up a sort of member of our extended

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Party in Memoriam for Mike Bakaty

Poster designed by Gothic Hangman Studios.


In memory of tattoo legend and Lower East Side Homesteader, Mike Bakaty.

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Mike Bakaty in Stan Mack’s Real Life Funnies

From 1974 to 1995, the Village Voice printed Stan Mack’s Real Life Funnies, a documentary-style comic strip based on the overheard conversations of the colorful, creative, and diverse inhabitants of New York.

In “Indelible Impressions”, Renate and Tom are introduced by Mike via photos of their tattoos. This story ┬átakes place in the mid-1980s, when Mike was working from his studio on the Bowery.

Re-published with the kind permission of Stan Mack.



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