Anyone Can Buy a Whole Shop from the Back of a Tattoo Magazine

This article first appeared in”Bakaty’s World” by Mike Bakaty in the July 2007 issue of Skin & Ink.

For a guy who has trouble putting words together in the course of a normal conversation, this writing stuff don’t come easy. I guess I’m not a natural born yacker, like some people I know. You tell ’em, “Hey,” and you get a half hour discourse about whatever.

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Brace yourselves. Friday the 13th is coming.

It’s that time of year again! Fineline Tattoo will be celebrating Friday the 13th this January with special tattoo designs.


Tattooing Through the Back Door

This article first appeared in”Bakaty’s World” by Mike Bakaty in the June 2007 issue of Skin & Ink.

I’m down here at First and First in Manhattan’s East Village and here I sit, trying to figure out the difference between an Ionic column, a Doric column and a magazine column, and realize that it all ties to history and to change.

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Bakaty’s World: Tattooing Enters the Mainstream

 This article first appeared in”Bakaty’s World” by Mike Bakaty in the August 2007 issue of Skin & Ink.

When the phone rang a few months back, I picked it up and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was Bob Baxter asking if I would be interested in writing a column for Skin & Ink. He wanted me to do an East Coast slant. I must say I was kind of stunned. I don’t consider myself a “word” man, per se. I found it curious that anyone else might.

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@americanatattoos Instagram Takeover

Snapshots from the Fineline Tattoo Instagram takeover of @americanatattoos by Mehai Bakaty. You can view with entire takeover by searching on the hashtag #mehaibakatytakeover.

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NYC’s Oldest Tattoo Shop Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

Celebrating 40 years of tattooing in the Lower East Side.

Fineline was founded by Mike Bakaty in 1976 when tattooing was still illegal in New York City. Up until 1997, Mike operated out of the infamous McGurk’s Suicide Hall at 295 Bowery.

The shop is currently owned and operated by Mike’s son, Mehai Bakaty.

All photos by Hugh Burckhardt.

fineline tattoo nyc banner featuring Charlie the cat.

The cat in the Fineline banner is Mehai Bakaty’s cat Charlie, who was 18 years old when he passed. That’s pretty impressive for a cat.

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banner friday the 13th fineline

Friday the 13th – May 2016

It’s that time of year again. Friday the 13th tattoo extravaganza at Fineline this Friday, May 13.

The rules –

Noon to midnight (sign-up list is generally cut off at 9 or 10 PM.)

First come, first serve.

Sign up must be done in person.

$13 with mandatory 7 dollar tip.

Arms and legs only.

Cash only

Check out our Instagram (@finelinetattoonyc) for a sneak peak of designs later this week.

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Photos from the New York Tattoo Convention 2015

Thank you everybody that came out to support at at the 18th Annual New York Tattoo Convention. It was our first time ever working this convention. Had a great time. Visited with some great people. Got a lot of love and support. Stay tuned for future convention sightings.

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Fineline Tattoo at the New York Tattoo Convention 2015

Fineline Tattoo will be at the 18th annual New York City Tattoo Convention from June 12th – 14th.

This will be the first year that Fineline will be participating at the convention, and the first year that the event will be held at The Metropolitan Pavilion after the closing of the Roseland Ballroom in 2014.

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Fineline Gift Certificates Are Now Available


Gift certificates are now available for the holiday season. T-shirts are one their way.

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